100 days and counting

Running streak reached 100 days yesterday. That’s about 870 miles so far. To be honest, the streak thing has been surprisingly easy. I can run my 5-mile minimum and shower in less than an hour. I can squeeze it in after I drop the kids off for school before work or run on the treadmill at the office before I leave for the day and shower at home. I have been trying to limit doing my minimum to 3 days a week and try to get in at least 20 on the weekends. Only really had a handful of days that I didn’t want to run. But the real test will be in the next few months when we have about 120 days of 100 degrees. The treadmill is gonna get old quick and I seem to be sleeping more these days, so getting up early will be a struggle.

The rest is of the year is kinda up in the air event-wise. The only things that are certain are two trips to the Grand Canyon. Hope to do a 4:30 rim to rim in May/June, then a “mellow” rim to rim to rim in September. I’m looking to drop about 10 pounds before the rim to rim run, which shouldn’t be a problem. Also doing Gary’s 72-hour run on July 4th weekend. It should help me avoid my usual summer slump and give me a goal. Tentatively set a goal of 250 miles, which will be a struggle as it will undoubtedly be 120 degrees that day.


3 thoughts on “100 days and counting

  1. Wow. That will be some serious running. My running goals will consist of fitness for running in Iceland and Poland in June and August.

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